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When is packet pick up?

Friday, March 3, at the Lamar store (517 S. Lamar) from 4 to 7 PM and Saturday, March 4, at Rocky Hill Ranch from 8 to 8:30 AM.

Is this a race?

Short answer: No. The main focus is to get out on some awesome backroads and ride bikes through some beautiful countryside. That said you're welcome to ride the route as fast and as hard as you like! You'll be given a turn by turn cue sheet at packet pick up and a final Garmin link will also be emailed to all registered participants. 

How long is this ride?

50 miles. You can expect to be on the bike for about 3-6 hours give or take, depending on how fast you go. 

What sort of terrain can I expect?

As the name suggests, you can expect lots of dirt and gravel roads. There will are some paved sections but it'll be mostly dirt. This means you'll encounter corrugations, potholes, loose gravel sections, soft shoulders, no shoulders, lack of traction, and if it's particularly dry, lots of dust. There will be hills of both the up and down variety and some awesome views.

What sort of bike should I ride?

There are no restrictions on what sort of bike you can ride. Ride whatever makes you happy. But remember, you'll be riding for several hours on rough roads so you want something that won't break and you want something that will be comfortable. 

A cyclocross or mountain bike are two obvious choices. But you could do just as well by adding some fatter tires on your road bike, but we suggest something at least 25c wide or wider. Comfort is king on long rides and comfort on dirt means wide tires at low pressure.

Contact our rental department at 512-477-3472 or click here if you need a suitable bike for the day.

What will I need to bring?

This ride is completely self-supported so when you're packing your gear, pretend that you're going on a solo ride and pack accordingly. That means food, drink, tools, tubes, mobile phone, money, credit card, extra clothes etc. Be prepared, be self-sufficient, or at least ride with someone who is. If you end up riding alone and you have a mechanical it's up to you to fix it or you may have a long walk to get back to civilization. Also, we'll be out in the sticks so your mobile phone may not work. Don't forget your Garmin or cycle computer for the route.

Is there an entry fee? How much is it?

$40 for a long sleeved t-shirt, lunch, and a couple of beers after ride.

Register by February 6 to be guaranteed an event shirt. If you register after February 6, we may or may not have a shirt available in your size.

$50 for ride day registration (cash only)

Do I pay for parking?

Yes. Please bring $10 cash for parking at Rocky Hill Ranch. Correct change will help expedite the line.

Do I have to register?

Yes. We need to know who's riding to make sure you're all accounted for at the end. Also so we can give you a cue sheet so you know where you're going. Registration will be open 30 minutes before the ride starts.

Will there be support provided? Food and drink? Sag wagon?

No. These rides are fully self-supported. Carry everything you need to get through the ride on your own. 

Will the course be marked? Will there be marshalls at every corner?

No, there will be no course markings and no course marshalls. You'll be given a cue sheet at the start of the ride and then it's up to you. No port-o-potties will be along the route either.

Will I get to preview the route before ride day?

Yes. A Garmin link will be emailed to all registered participants and a turn by turn will be provided at packet pick up.


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