When Co-Motion Cycles started in 1988 they gave a lot of thought to the name and purpose of our company. "Co-Motion" can mean a lot of things, but what the name means to them is the unique relationship between people and their bicycles; Co-Motion bicycles. Co-motion wants to make this bond between you and your machine stronger. By designing and building bicycles of substance, they work hard to help you develop that spirit of teamwork whether your Co-Motion is a tandem, road bike, travel or touring bike, or a custom Co-Motion built just for you.

Back in 1988 they didn't give much thought to the idea that they were starting a company that would be going strong in 20 years. In our mid 20's, they were less possessed by vision than with audacity. They knew they had some good ideas, and they had the audacity to try them. Although it didn't occur to us at the time, being able to work an exhausting schedule for no pay was about the only real asset they had to invest.

Looking back over Co-Motion Cycles' first 20 years, they feel truly honored to be entrusted to do what they love to do. Not only is it a privilege to create the bicycles that become part of our customers' lives, but also it is a real pleasure to see where our bicycles have taken you. Like proud parents, they feel like a part of us joins you on every journey your Co-Motion takes.

A cross-continental tour. A small child's first ride on a tandem with her mother builds the bond they share. A paralympic athlete's triumph. A young racer making it to the pro ranks. Disability disappears and freedom is reborn on the back of a tandem. Couples reconnecting by pedaling together. A new resolve to cycle to work every day. When injury, health or physiology makes bicycles unrideable, they make cycling possible with exceptional custom bicycles, bringing joy and freedom to new and renewed cyclists.
It's about passion and a commitment to quality

A pair of skilled hands turns the handles of a custom-made bottom-bracket facing tool. Nearby, the sound of a single strap of emery cloth polishing and gently shaping a brazed joint can be heard. To the left, the slow pulsing flash of a carefully controlled TIG welder can be seen. A few steps away, mill and lathe operators execute the precision cuts that make our custom-drawn butted tubing into the integral parts of a Co-Motion bicycle frame. Just beyond, skilled artisans carefully take turns preparing each frame for paint, or painting in multiple stages in our world-class downdraft booth just beyond.

Craftsmanship- it's a work ethic and a philosophy that's often touted but seldom adhered to elsewhere. Producing the finest bicycles in the world isn't about automation. they believe craftsmanship defines the personal connection between our bicycles and ourselves. Our commitment to the hard work and to the details of making better bicycles is evident not only in our bicycles, but in the people who work here as well. A visit to Co-Motion Cycles illustrates our open and honest style. they take pride in what they do because they know they're doing it right.



Four Locations Serving Austin
517 S. Lamar Blvd - 512. 477. 3472
10947 Research Blvd - 512. 345. 7460
9900 W. Parmer Lane - 512. 637. 6890
12005 Bee Cave Rd - 512.634.8844
3202 Guadalupe St. - Coming Soon

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