Bike Deliveries

If you purchased a bike or have one in service that you are unable to get to your destination, our new bike delivery service can help! Whether you don't have a car, or a bike rack, or whatever the reason may be, we can cut the hassle and deliver your bike to you. We can even pick up your approved trade-in bike (whose credit you've placed toward the new bike) when we deliver your new ride!

Bike deliveries are a flat $40 for any destination within 20 miles of the Lamar shop at 512 S Lamar. There is $1 charge for each additional mile. We are currently running a special for $20 deliveries for e-bike purchases! 

After filling out the form, a delivery coordinator will contact you within 24 hours to set up a drop-off time and payment option. Then you'll have your new bike purchase or bike back from service to you within 72 hours without a sweat!