Dynamic Suspension Tuning Clinic

Dynamic Suspension Tuning, DST, maximizes the technology of the bike’s suspension components by tuning the settings to your body and riding style. A DST clinic will have a big impact on how your bike handles, climbs, and descends. Similar to a bike fit, dialed-in suspension settings will lead to improved comfort, handling, endurance, and overall riding experience.

Many shops can set your shocks and sag, but Dynamic Suspension Tuning takes your suspension setup to the next level. With DST, we start by doing a base level set up with you and your bike called a Static Suspension Setup. This service can be performed on its own and is a great starting point to understanding the basics of suspension components. The dynamic portion comes into play by having one of our trained suspension technicians meet you at the trailhead so we can ride with you, evaluate your riding style, then tune your suspension so you can feel the differences in multiple setups. We will also teach you the process so you can setup your suspension for any trail you may ride next.

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Dynamic Suspension Tuning Clinic - $250

Modern-day suspension systems are capable of improving every rider's experience out on the trail, but often the benefits of a rider's suspension are being underutilized. The Dynamic Suspension Tuning (DST) Process was developed by Specialized Bicycle Components University (SBCU) and Specialized Pro athletes with the goal of delivering the highest level of suspension performance.

By bracket testing the bike, we take your baseline settings (see below) and follow a defined, in-depth process to best tune your bike to your specific riding style and trails. This clinic will take 2 hours.

Baseline Settings: Static Setup Clinic - $125

A proper static suspension setup gives you your baseline settings. They play a crucial part in tuning because the baseline settings are the starting point for any tune. Your DST service starts with a static setup of both your front and rear suspension. Measurements are calculated and then used to dampen rebound and compression. This clinic will last 45 minutes.


Rebound is the suspension movement that occurs as the spring forces the shock or fork to extend. Rebound damping helps the suspension to return to the proper position, after a bump or other irregularity causes the fork to compress, in a smooth and controlled motion. When your rebound is set properly the bike will settle quickly after a bump and won’t continue to bounce. Although you will still feel the bump, it will be smoother. 


Compression damping attempts to keep the wheel from leaving the trail when going over a bump. Too soft and the wheel moves too quickly and travels further up in the stroke causing it to leave the road surface. Too hard and the energy doesn’t dissipate in the springs and instead travels to the steering head and frame causing the bike to “pop” up and again the wheel leaves the ground. It's about finding that sweet spot.


Everyone that rides a mountain bike with either front or full suspension and is looking to get the most out of their riding experience whether they are riding cross country, trial, endure, or downhill. We can tune any air or coil shock specifically to each rider’s needs and conditions while at the same time teaching the process so you can tune your bike.

Any hardtail or full suspension mountain bike with adjustable suspension components can be tuned.

Modern-day suspension systems can improve every rider's experience on the trail, but often the benefits of a rider's suspension are underutilized. Dynamic Suspension Tuning is designed for each rider to ride with more confidence on technical terrain, jumps, drops, and railing berms with your suspension set up properly.

During the class, you will also gain the knowledge on how to adjust your bike’s suspension to match any terrain change you encounter. You will also get to hang out with our highly skilled mechanics who are there to answer any questions you may have about your bike, mountain biking, or where to the best breweries can be found.

The Static Suspension Tuning is where it all starts. This service involves us teaching you all the terms of suspension, how to use your suspension pump, and how to service your suspension components, as well as the initial set-up and sag of your bike. We are also available to answer any questions about suspension or your specific suspension components.

The Dynamic Suspension Tuning starts with a Static Suspension Tuning session and adds real-world experience of riding your bike on the trail. We are on the trail with you to instruct on how to specifically tune your suspension bike to the trail to get the most out of your ride.

While it’s true most manufacturers provide air pressure, rebound, and compression settings based on rider weight on their website, it is important to understand that these are just starting positions designed to safely get you on the trail.

Where you ride, how you ride, and even your position on the bike all factor into the bike’s ideal setting. The only way to truly determine the perfect setting for you and your bike is to dynamically tune the suspension in a real-world environment on the trails you ride, in the way you ride them.

Definitely! We want you to enjoy riding your bike whether you bought it from us or not.

Yes, every new mountain bike sold receives a coupon for $50 off the Static Setup or $100 off the Dynamic Suspension Tuning. The most beneficial option is the Dynamic Suspension Tuning service which includes the Static Setup.

All Bicycle Sport Shop locations offer the Dynamic Suspension Tune service. Please call or stop by any of our locations and we’ll get you signed up!

We really, really hate having to charge for no-shows and cancellations, but, unfortunately, they are extremely costly to us. We know that sometimes life gets in the way, but, to be fair to all our customers, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Less than 48-hour cancellation - 25% of the deposit forfeit
  • Less than 24-hour reschedule - 50% of the deposit forfeit
  • Less than 24-hour cancellation or No Show - 100% of the deposit forfeit
  • More than 15 minutes Late - Reschedule or cancellation (at our discretion)

Your bike: Your bike should be in good working order. If your fork, shock, and/or drivetrain are nearing their service interval, we recommend having that done prior to your Dynamic Suspension Tune to maximize the performance of your bike and accuracy of the tune.

Riding gear: You should show up for your tuning session with all the gear you normally ride with. This includes helmet, shorts, jerseys, shoes, hydration packs, water bottles, toolkit, and anything else that is on your body or your bike when you go ride.

Your personal shock pump: This isn't a necessity, but every pump can vary by a few psi. If you own one, we’ll use this during the tuning session so you can be confident you’re setting your bike up correctly every time you ride.

Absolutely! Just make sure your bike is clean and ready to be dialed when you arrive.