ENVE Ride Center

When it comes to ENVE, you’re not buying just a brand name or an image, you’re buying engineered excellence. Strong, light, stiff, and aero, ENVE products are designed and manufactured in Ogden, Utah to be everything a cyclist could want for their ride. All ENVE products are also put through extensive testing to ensure they have unequaled durability allowing you to stay focused on enjoying the ride.

Bicycle Sport Shop, Lamar is proud to be a Premium ENVE Ride Center offering a comprehensive range of ENVE products. At the Lamar shop, you will find staff with the knowledge and experience to take care of your ENVE needs.

ENVE Wheel Demo Program

Considering a hot new set of ENVE wheels but want to test them on your bike first? Set up an ENVE Wheelset demo through our Rentals Department! If your bike is able to have the wheels installed, the demo will cost $120 for a 4-night rental. Each additional night is an additional $40. Half of the rental fee will be applied to a new ENVE wheelset if purchased within 90 days of the demo.

We can also add an ENVE wheelset to qualifying bikes in our demo fleet. There will be a $40 add-on charge for a wheel upgrade to one of our demo bikes. Half of this added charge also qualifies to be applied to a new ENVE wheelset is purchased within 90 days.

ENVE Wheels available to demo:

  • G23 700C
  • M525 (29")
  • M635 (29")
  • SES 3.4 AR Disc
  • SES 4.5
  • SES 4.5 AR Disc

Steps to set up a wheel demo on your bike:

  1. Call the Rentals Department at Lamar 512-477-3472 to get started. They will let you know if your bike meets the requirements to have the demo wheels installed.
  2. Rentals will take your credit card info and send you a form to fill out to answer questions regarding some details about your bike.
  3. Return the form to rentals at least 48 hours before your desired rental date and they will connect you with a tech to oversee the install.
  4. Bring in your bike for the wheel install then ride those wheels!
  5. We will charge your card when you return your bike with the wheels. You then have 90 days to have half of your rental fee placed toward the purchase a new ENVE wheelset.