Legacy Program

Any Bicycle Sport Shop Cycling Club member may sign up for the Legacy Membership Program. To learn about current volunteer opportunities, email [email protected]

As a Bicycle Sport Shop Cycling Club Legacy Member, you agree to:

  • Donate a minimum of 4 volunteer hours per month, to be tabulated on a quarterly basis. Only hours worked in the quarter are counted for that quarter. The volunteer hours can consist of leading or sweeping weekly shop rides, helping with Women’s Ride Day or Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day and more. These hours are recorded on the club portion of our website. Upon submission, we will receive your hours and keep them on record.
  • Enthusiastically promote cycling, Bicycle Sport Shop, and other club sponsors to other cyclists and to the community, both in-person and through other means such as social media.
  • Have a willingness to help riders that are new to cycling.

In addition to all of the regular club benefits, Legacy Members receive:

  • 20% off all parts and accessories for the quarter at Bicycle Sport Shop.
  • 30% off one non-bike, non-service item during Club Shopping Night.
  • An opportunity to be considered for a limited number of exceptional bike deals that will be offered to club members who consistently demonstrate their commitment to the club, its sponsors, and Bicycle Sport Shop through their volunteer efforts and willingness to help their fellow club members. You must have a minimum of 50 approved volunteer hours by September 30 to be considered.