Nitrogen Rear Shock Service

Recharge your rear suspension with nitrogen gas on-site at the Parmer and Bee Cave locations! Until recently, Fox Racing Shocks required that all their rear suspension components be sent back to one of their service centers to be overhauled. This process would often leave someone without the ability to ride their bike for several weeks at a time.

That extra waiting period is gone now that we are equipped and certified to fully service Fox, Rock Shox, DVO, Magura, Manitou, and KS shocks among others. No need to plan for multiple weeks off your bike! Bicycle Sport Shop can get you back on your bike in a fraction of the time.

Drop by or give us a call to book a Nitrogen Suspension Service. If you have a tight window for service, you can book an appointment and get your bike back the following day! You can also drop your bike off at one of our other locations, it will just add 2 days to the turn around time.

Parmer Service Center: (512) 637-6890
Bee Cave Service Center: (512) 634-8844

The Nitrogen Nitty-Gritty

Why is nitrogen used and what are the benefits to suspension components?

Nitrogen has distinct advantages over using “regular air.” Air is 78% Nitrogen by volume (depending on the altitude, that may change slightly), 20% Oxygen, and 2% Hydrogen. Due to the lack of oxygen and hydrogen, nitrogen is resistant to temperature expansion and moisture development which allows nitrogen to expand at a constant rate in comparison to normal air. This means a more consistent internal pressure as the damper operates. Because it also has a greater density than air, the damper can hold its pressurized charge for a longer period of time. These properties help reduce aeration and cavitation during damper operation. Cavitation is the formation of gas bubbles that create vapor cavities in a liquid when the bubbles are subjected to rapid changes of pressure. This higher pressure causes the air bubbles to implode, which generates an intense miniature water hammer (shock wave). This shock wave creates significant wear as the gas bubbles implode on or near a metal surface, causing cyclic stresses through repeated implosions. Aeration is a process where the air is circulated with, mixed with, or dissolved in hydraulic fluid. It is created when air leaks into the system through the seals, fittings, and unions. Aeration accelerates the degradation of the fluid and causes damage to system components through a loss of lubrication, overheating, and burning of seals.

Is nitrogen required when overhauling suspension components?

Yes and no. Fox requires a nitrogen charge when overhauling the damper assembly in their shocks and dropper posts. Other companies such as Rock Shox, DVO, manitou, and a few others do not require a nitrogen charge to complete full service. However, other manufacturers ship and store their shocks with nitrogen instead of air due to its nonreactive properties.

Can the performance of non-Fox suspension components be upgraded?

Absolutely! Nitrogen can be used in both the damper and air spring on all suspension components. It provides consistent air pressure during operation, resists heat build-up, almost eliminates pressure loss, keeps moisture out of the system, and lengthens the life of the rubber seals.

Is nitrogen safe?

Most definitely. Nitrogen makes up approximately 78.2% of the air in our atmosphere. Nitrogen is inert, meaning its chemically non-reactive. It’s entirely safe for the rider and the components.

Is there an age cap for suspension components we can service?

2014-Current. Please call us for confirmation of part availability. Most manufacturers only support suspension products up to 6 years old. There are third-party companies that specialize in servicing older suspension products, we will be able to tell you possible options in these cases. In some cases, seal kits, and replacement parts are still available for suspension components older than 2014. Give us a call and we can tell you for sure!

Book your suspension service by stopping by the shop or calling us at:
Parmer Service Center: (512) 637-6890
Bee Cave Service Center: (512) 634-8844