Race Reimbursement

The Race Reimbursement Program (RRP) aims to reimburse a portion of race entry fees for club members who race while representing Bicycle Sport Shop. The goals of RRP are to:

  • Promote the sport of cycling by encouraging club members to enter races and reach their racing goals.
  • Promote the Bicycle Sport Shop Cycling Club and the sport of bicycle racing by wearing the club jersey in races.

Club members must complete and submit the RRP application by quarter’s deadline in order to be considered for reimbursement.

  Start Date End Date Application Deadline Selected & Notified
1st Quarter 1/1/20 3/31/20 4/7/20 4/15/20
2nd Quarter 4/1/20 6/30/20 7/7/20 7/15/20
3rd Quarter 7/1/20 9/30/20 10/6/20 10/14/20
4th Quarter* 10/1/20 12/13/20 12/15/20 12/20/20

*The fourth quarter has been adjusted to accommodate the holiday schedule.

RRP Participation Requirements for 2020

  • Club members must comply with the Bicycle Sport Shop Cycling Club Code of Conduct.
  • If club members obtain a USA Cycling and/or a USA Triathlon annual license, state your club as Bicycle Sport Shop.
  • Club members must enter their proper club and/or team on each race entry form (“Standard Athlete Release”) on the club/team line (or equivalent.) It is the rider's responsibility to make sure the team name is recorded correctly.
  • Only races raced during the current calendar year January 1 through December 15 may be claimed.
  • The application must be completed and submitted on or before the quarter’s deadline.
  • Club members must be wearing an official Team Bicycle Sport Shop jersey or race kit in each race they claim. Photo proof must be submitted to [email protected] with your reimbursement application.
  • Races must be bicycle races, such as but not limited to track events, criteriums, time-trials, road races, mountain bike races (downhill or cross country), cyclocross, gravel races, or triathlons. Events not included in the Race Reimbursement Program would be centuries, fundraisers, charity rides, etc.
  • Club members selected for race fee reimbursement are chosen at the club manager's sole discretion based on the club members' race reimbursement applications. At the end of each quarter, up to ten applications may be chosen for reimbursement.
  • Club members whose applications are selected for reimbursement may receive no more than $50 in race fee reimbursements (additional fees like late fees or BikeReg processing fees are not included). No club member may be reimbursed for more than four applications per year nor receive more than $200 for the calendar year.

RRP payments are at the sole discretion of the Bicycle Sport Shop. Only actual race fees are included. The RRP is not guaranteed.

Race Reimbursement Form